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Scratch Lords is a new collectible card game for iOS and Android phones. This game is fully digital unlike our first hybrid game - Scratch Wars. It will be play-to-earn with its own token and also with the possibility to make your own NFTs from the cards which you get and trade them on the dedicated market. Each of the hero cards is unique, the amount of generated cards in each of the editions is limited so once they're sold out we won't “reprint” them (as it is the real world with paper cards). This will guarantee their value on the secondary market.

All cards can be traded on our trading card web platform called Scratch Lords Bazaar. You can look forward to never used game mechanics, not only the core game but also a completely new deck-building where it means that you equip your hero with weapons and armor, and spells. You will use him in vivid 3D duels with live opponents instead of making "decks of cards" and playing with them on the table... It is all spiced with many features like leagues, quests, RPG elements, and battles on request with friends…


CZ and SK soft launch: June/July 2022



Each of the heroes is unique by the 3D model, the image on the card, and the generated name of the character. There are millions of unique combinations!

The possibility of trading heroes, weapons, armors (helmets, shields, etc.), scouts… as NFT on our dedicated web platform called Scratch Lords Bazaar

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